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I had an interesting journey that led me to web design, but I'll give you the short version.


I've been fascinated with technology ever since I was a little girl, I think my true love began when we got our first home computer when I was about 8 years old. I was obsessed with design, powerpoint, instant messaging and of course the always famous Microsoft Paint. As I got older I designed websites and blogs on a few platforms like Blogger and Wordpress.


I discovered Wix near the end of my Life Coach Training Certification (that's another story for another day lol). After spending an entire month from about 6pm-12am each night watching YouTube tutorials on how to build a Wordpress site - my new fancy Wordpress site was complete! And then I realized...I hated it. Seriously, I just spent countless hours designing this website and at the end of it all I didn't even like it! I knew that in order to change it, it was going to take A LOT more work. At the end of it all, I felt absolutely defeated. I wasted money and precious time, time that would've been better spent building my business. I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated.


Enter my knight in shining armor...Wix! After venting to my coach about all the time I just wasted building a Wordpress site, she told me about Wix. So I checked them out....and the rest really is history. Let me fast forward a little for you...


At the time, Wix had a Wix Certified Webmaster course. I went through the whole course and dove head first into Wix. Wix was definitely the solution and answer to all of my web design woes. I was also confident selling it to my clients because when I was done designing it they could manage their own site if they wanted to! And they wouldn't have to suffer through all the mess of learning code or a complex platform like Wordpress like I did!


Don't get me wrong – it took me A LONG time and a lot of learning to get to where I'm at with Wix and my design skills. What I discovered is that while Wix is simple, it’s not necessarily easy. That’s why people like ME exist - Wix Web Designers.



Along the way, I've also learned a couple of things about my clients.


They either tried to DIY their website – they spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials (like me) and laboring to create a website that in the end, they didn’t even like, or they hired a designer who either totally disappeared part way through the project or created a website that didn’t come close to the vision they originally had in mind.


I can totally relate because I was JUST like my clients. I’m an entrepreneur and a total DIY-er. And as I’ve gone through the process of building my business I learned two very important lessons about whether or not I should do things myself or hire someone. And that lesson is you either A. have the time to learn to do it yourself, or B. the money to pay a professional to do it. So you have to get real with yourself. And the second lesson I learned was to give up control. I’ve got to work with and hire people who are GREAT at what they do, and I’ll stick to being GREAT at what I do.


Now you can find me creating awesome websites for people who are just like me. We collaborate and geek out about their business, I ask a ton of questions and do a lot of research, then I design something they love. On top of that, I’m not just designing a “pretty” website. I make sure the user experience encourages a flow to convert them to buy, call, shop - whatever that goal is. I also never leave my clients hanging. When we're done I teach them how to use their website and they know I’m here if they need me.

Its time...to Hang Loose! Relax, while I design your website ;)

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Random Facts:

1. I speak two languages, English & Sarcasm

2. I've been to Hawaii 3 times (for now)

3. I'm also a Certified Life Coach - yep

4. I only want ice cream when it's cold outside

5. My favorite song is still Footloose

6. I have a weird obsession with coffee mugs, water bottles, stationery, pens, and planners

7. I'm a Colorado Native - which is also known in these parts as a "unicorn"

8. I have 12 toes...just kidding, but you pictured it right? LOL