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Web Design & Branding

for small business

I help small businesses take the stress out of web design so they can get back to what’s important - connecting with their customers and building their business.

Building a business is hard enough.

Creating a website should be enjoyable and stress-free! 

What if you had someone who could make designing a high-converting website easy-peasy?

What if you also had an intuitive platform where you could easily make changes or updates yourself?

Enter You, Me, and Wix!

How I Help

a la carte Wix tasks like SEO, mobile design, & more!

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show up professionally online with a custom designed Wix website and brand

fully customizable Wix template that works for any industry


about me


Hey, I'm Rae!

I'm an official Wix Partner and I've been building websites since 2015. I've had a passion for marketing and small business ever since I was a little kid.


My mission is simple - give valuable time back to my clients. I do this by designing websites that work on a platform that puts the control back in your hands.


I do things a little differently by taking the time to truly get to know each one of my clients and their unique businesses.

My brand name is an extension of my design philosophy - taking the stress out of web design. Or in other words, Hang Loose!



My Designs


"Rae did such a good job at creating my online presence through my website and branding. It has created the framework for my entire business marketing success. If you need someone to help you get your product/message out there she is definitely a good resource to use!"

—  Chad Fowers (Maven Capital Group)

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