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GFAC Logistics website

The Project

Chris came to me excited about starting his new business in a very niche market.

He wanted his brand to be friendly and approachable, while also professional.

The end result is a professional and personable brand that his future clients will connect with.

- BRAND -⁠⠀


After doing some research, we decided the branding shouldn't be stuffy and corporate. It needed to be professional yet friendly at the same time. We decided to use a house symbol to represent the overall business purpose. The gradient color was a fun way to throw in some personality and make for a dynamic logo.


The color choices are a representation of the perceptions the brand needed to portray

  • Dark Blues - dependable, corporate, credible

  • Light Blues - playful, young, approachable


Once the brand design was finalized, custom business cards were designed to carry the branding through every touchpoint of the business.


CSW offers one main service:

Purchasing homes from people who are currently going through probate cases. They've acquired property they don't wish to keep or maintain. So Chris purchases the house directly from them, skipping the messy bits that a typical real estate sale has.

Technical Details

Custom Contact Form

Chris offers a free quote within 48 hours, so we needed a way he could collect all of the information he needed from the potential client to get them an accurate quote.

The gradient colors from the logo were also incorporated into the form, making it more dynamic.

Custom Buttons & Icons

I used the gradient design in buttons and icons across the website to bring the branding gradient color throughout the website.

Professional Email

CSW Acquisitions was set up with a professional email account through G Suite. This allowed Chris to have a professional email to communicate with his clients.


I strategically sourced and chose stock photos to be used throughout the site to represent CSW Acquisitions' service and personality.

Check out the final website design below!


Home page

GFAC Logistics website

About page

GFAC Logistics website

Contact page

GFAC Logistics website

Check out the live CSW Acquitistions website at


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