Single Page vs Multi-Page Web Design: Pros & Cons

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

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When it comes to Multi-Page vs. Single Page web design, I get asked this a lot, "Which one is better?" And the answer I always give is - it depends.

There's no right or wrong choice, but there are pros and cons between the two. Let's dive into the reason and use case for each as well as talk pros and cons so you can decide which layout is right for you.


Multi-Page Design

Multi-page design is the design we've all come to know and love (or maybe hate). But either way, this has been the "standard" layout in web design for a long time.

The typical Multi-Page site has 5-7 pages, some may be sub-pages:

- Home

- About

- Services

- Contact

- Testimonials

- Shop

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✅ Pros of a Multi-Page Website


Since you have more than one page on a multi-page website, you have the opportunity to write more SEO driven content on each page. Meaning there is more "room", literally, to include more keywords.

There are also more pages to index for Google, meaning you have more opportunities for your different pages to show up in search results.


Since you have multiple pages on the site, it's easy for people to click the navigation option in the header menu. It takes them right to where they want to go. They don't have to scroll endlessly down a single page to find what they're looking for.

User Experience

Like I mentioned before, people are used to seeing this type of layout. So they already have a basic understanding of how to navigate the site. Nothing new for them to learn here.


❌ Cons of a Multi-Page Website


Depending on if the navigation is executed well or not can also make this a con. If you have unclear menu options, meaning you've named it something "cute" to try and be unique, the user may get frustrated and leave. Or if you have tons of sub-menus under each main menu, people might feel overwhelmed.