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Need a Website and Need It Fast?


  • Affordable

  • Easy to Use

  • Comes with Instructions

  • Has Bookings, E-Commerce, AND Blogging pre-loaded ???

I thought that might be the case...check out the live demo and scroll on to see what's included!


Website In A Weekend


  • A one page Wix website template that is fully customizable to any industry.

  • Your fast track to getting your website launched fast!

  • An easy to edit website complete with in-depth training videos & resources.


  • Service based businesses

  • Coaches

  • E-commerce businesses

  • Therapists

  • Law Firms

  • Bloggers

  • ...literally any industry!

Check Out the Live Demo

Be sure to check out the Bonus Add Ons tab too!

This includes extra drop-in sections for the website and apps like blogging and e-commerce (more info below).


If I had to guess...

I bet you've tried to design your website by yourself and it ended up looking a little something like this:

  • Hours of watching YouTube videos

  • Googling "how to" for the one-millionth time

  • Lots of yelling at your computer

  • Thinking you'd have this done in a week...but it's been 2 months and still no website

  • Wondering about spending money you don't have to hire a web designer to do it for you

  • And maybe even a small breakdown that resulted in many glasses of wine...

Well, what if it could be easy instead?

What if...

  • Your website was already built and designed for you and all you had to do was swap out photos, add in some text, and maybe change a color or two?

  • You didn't have to search for tons of YouTube videos and instead, you had a full library of tutorial videos, all in one place?

  • You'd spend a fraction of the cost and wouldn't need to hire a web designer?

  • And what if you could get it all done in ONE weekend??


So...what's included in Website In A Weekend?


The Template

Is a one page, long form scroll Wix website that is fully customizable.

And YES, you can add more pages to it!

11 Sections Including:

  • Scrolling Banner

  • Services

  • About

  • Amenities / Features

  • Gallery

  • Call To Action

  • Testimonials

  • Freebie Opt-In

  • Instagram Feed

  • Bookings

  • Contact


15 Training Videos 

Topics Including:

  • Wix Dashboard, Editor, & Settings

  • Editing Your Wix Website

  • Wix SEO

  • Wix Apps

  • Launching Your Website


Bonus Items!

Add On Applications:

Pre-loaded and ready to use!

  • Blog

  • E-Commerce

  • Bookings

  • Events

Each of these apps also has pre-made drop-in sections you can easily add into your website!

Resources for:

  • Free stock images

  • Privacy Policy

  • SEO

  • Icons

Guide - How to Write Website Copy 

pg 1.png

You get ALL of this for $299

Did I mention it's easy to edit? 🤔

Frequently Asked Questions


Ready to Create Your AWESOME Website??

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