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GFAC Logistics website

“Go Forth & Conquer”⁠

The Project

Dayo came to me having just started GFAC Logistics and wanted to legitimize the company and create a strong online presence.

He wanted GFAC's brand to be professional, elegant, modern, and sophisticated.

The end result is a professional and cohesive brand between the website, business cards, and letterhead.

- BRAND -⁠⠀


GFAC stands for " Go Forth and Conquer", Dayo requested an element that was a representation of this motto. After playing with a few ideas, we decided on arrows. The arrows in the logo create a feeling of forward motion.

"GFAC" and the motto below are slightly slanted to the right to follow the motion of the arrows.


The color choices are a representation of the perceptions Dayo wanted to evoke through the brand.

  • Blues - dependable, corporate, credible

  • Grey - efficient, professional

  • Black - sophisticated, elegant, modern


Once the brand design was finalized, custom business cards and stationery were designed to carry the branding through every touchpoint of the business.

Next, Dayo and I chatted about different paper options and my recommendations for the premium look and feel he wanted.

After Dayo received the printed stationery and cards, his excited feedback was, "I absolutely LOVE them".


GFAC offers 3 main services:

  • Logistics

  • Real Estate

  • Financial Services

Having multiple different services meant that the website had to be intuitive and organized so visitors could easily find what they were looking for.

Technical Details

Custom Contact Forms

Having 3 different services created importance to streamline the ways visitors could contact GFAC about their services. Each page is set up with custom contact forms and routed on the backend to the proper team member.

Professional Email

GFAC was set up with a professional email account through G Suite. This allowed them to have multiple email addresses and aliases to route contact inquiries. As well as allowing each team member to have a professionally hosted email matching the URL.

Videos & Images

I strategically sourced and chose stock photos and videos to be used throughout the site to represent all the facets of GFAC's services.

Check out the final website design below!


Home page

GFAC Logistics website

Real Estate page

GFAC Logistics website

Financial Services page

GFAC Logistics website

Check out the live GFAC Logistics website at


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