Wix SEO for Beginners

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

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S.E.O. (dun-dun-dun!!!)

Does that word give you anxiety? Or maybe you're wondering what does SEO even mean?

Just know that you're not alone. SEO is an endless book and could be talked about for days, but in this post, I'm going to try my best and make it super easy for you.


Let's start at the beginning...

Q: What is SEO?

A: SEO stands for = Search Engine Optimization

So what does that mean? Search Engine Optimization is how you can increase traffic to your website. Ideally, organic traffic. You know, the people who do a Google search and find you on the first page?

Q: So what does SEO consist of?

A: SEO has many components such as keywords, metadata, URL links, and even social media

Let's break these down:

Keywords: are just that, key-words, that directly relate to your industry.

For example, some keywords for my industry as a web designer would be web designer, website designer, etc.

There are also Long-tail keywords which allow you to get a little more specific. These keywords include things like location, gender, and type.

For example, in my industry my long-tail keywords might be: wix web designer, wix designer denver, small business web designer

When I mentioned "type" and "gender" above, let's think of a business coach as an example. Many business coaches only work with men or women. So if a business coach only works with women and a woman is searching for a female business coach, she might search for something like "business coach for women".

"Type" for my industry applied to the keyword "Wix". I'm not just a web designer, I'm a Wix designer. Which can mean all the difference if someone is specifically looking for a Wix expert.

How to Use Keywords:

1. Use a mix of both short and long-tail keywords

2. RESEARCH your keywords - do not just guess what people are searching for!

3. Don't use a ton of high-competition keywords, you need to set yourself apart.

4. Use your keywords in your website copy - but don't just plug them in, make sure the copy flows (remember REAL people are reading this).

Let's talk tools...

Ok so now you know what SEO means and you know the difference between short and long keywords. Woohoo! See, I told you this would be easy.